The right mix of experience and creativity.

We’ve combined an experienced senior art director and writer team with a young inspired filmmaker to offer our clients an exciting and productive creative dynamic.


Brendan’s the man at the helm. Razor Video Productions is his baby and he treats it accordingly. What he doesn’t know about the communication industry is not worth knowing.


Say hello to our Creative Director. His big agency background and decades as an art director/writer means when you want to connect courtesy of a strategically sound big idea, he’s your man.


Owen’s our young gun and principal cameraman. With more enthusiasm than you can poke a lens at, he won’t quit ‘til your filmmaking, editing and sound leaves nothing to be desired.


When it comes to graphics, titles or visual devices look no further than Ingy. Her big agency experience puts her at the top of her game when it comes to engaging graphic storytelling.


For razor-sharp resolution and rich, vivid colours we always shoot in Ultra Hi-Def 4K. It gives you tremendous flexibility and editing scope regardless of the resolution you eventually broadcast in.


Audiences will deal with imperfect video but they won’t put up with bad sound. Regardless of what recording technique we employ, we always use Rode mics due to their outstanding audio qualities.


When you want to compliment good video you can’t beat great graphics. We use Adobe products along with a host of third party sites that offer just about every conceivable image system.

From the outset we wanted to travel light and fast to offer our clients camera, sound and lighting setups that impact minimally on their day-to-day operations. To that end, we’ve invested in the very best mirror-less camera systems so we can deliver quality 4K Video without looking like the circus is in town. There’s no compromise on video production quality and the significant savings are passed directly on to you.