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Powerful storytelling can only come about with the right mix of people, passion and performance. Our team pride themselves on their ability to combine all three to deliver content that maximises audience connection.

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Our Process



We extract all the information from you to ensure the right outcomes.



Combining strategic insights with a sound creative idea is our speciality.



Here ideas are brought to life through the right equipment and expertise.



Editing, grading and graphics combine to deliver the right end result.

Going vertical in a social world.

We all know if you want your video message to realise its full potential, social media is a must. And you probably know people watch more videos on mobiles than ever before. What isn’t common knowledge is your audience is now nine times more likely to view your video if it’s in vertical or portrait form.

At Razor, we specialise in producing purpose built video content for the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat, to make sure your message hits its mark the right way up.


We all know the importance of video in your marketing
strategy. We’ll show you how the cut-through a
video brochure generates is just as important.

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When it comes to powerful storytelling mediums video is unsurpassed. The challenge is to make it stand out in an incredibly competitive landscape. Creating cut-through ideas based on powerful insights then delivering them via the right production skills is what we pride ourselves on at Razor Video Productions.

That said, we're more than happy to work with existing client concepts regardless of what stage of the decision-making process they’re at. We’ll take whatever's at hand and create the right combination of sound, motion and visuals to drive a deep and lasting connection between your message and its audience.

So if you're building a brand, presenting tutorials, demonstrating products or just looking to generate a positive response from a demanding audience, Razor Video Productions can help you achieve your goals on budget and on time.